Site #1 – Covey’s Landing and Boat Ramp

32559 Covey’s Landing Rd., Cordova, Maryland

Douglass’s birthplace is less than a mile north of here on Tuckahoe Creek. In his books, he describes his first six years in great detail. The Tuckahoe and its surroundings were his first classroom. He roamed from here north to the town of Hillsborough (now the towns of Queen Anne and Hillsboro) and may have gone to Denton with his grandmother, who raised him, and who sold her fish and produce there. (For a water view of Douglass’ childhood neighborhood, launch canoes or kayaks here at the public landing and head north to the Hillsboro Landing).

She was a gardener as well as a fisherwoman, and remarkable for her success in keeping her seedling sweet potatoes through the months of winter, and easily got the reputation of being born to “good luck.” In planting-time Grandmother Betsey was sent for in all directions, simply to place the seedling potatoes in the hills or drills; for superstition had it that her touch was needed to make them grow. This reputation was full of advantage to her and her grandchildren, for a good crop, after her planting for the neighbors, brought her a share of the harvest.
— Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, Written by Himself

Driving Note: Pull to the side of the road at the Tapper’s Corner intersection. Look southeast towards the treeline on your right.